Cozy Interior Selections for Autumn

Introducing The J List’s “Autumn A List”

Autumn is the season where we all seem to return “home”. Our attention turns to our creature comforts and the warmth they bring as we begin to “nest” once more. I’ve heard how much you miss my former shop Jeff West Home. Well I’ve missed you too, so Jeff West Home is back…online!

We’re excited and proud to launch our new online boutique, The J List’s “Autumn A List”! A small collection of must have items for Fall that were favorites at the shop. It’s those charming touches that matter most and I intend to bring them to you through this new online shop.

Plus, there’s more to come with an even larger selection of Christmas items, sure to add that little extra cheer and sparkle to your holiday season!

Nest Frangrances Pumpkin Chai Candle

Nest fragrances are always a top-seller and deservedly so. Their expert mix of fragrant notes and tones add a level of “olfactory-sophistication” to any room. This month’s offering of “Pumpkin Chai” will warm the room with the classic fragrance of pumpkin and wood. They also make the perfect hostess gift!

Deluxe Pillows Great Horned Owl

The perfect sofa companion for those chilly evenings by the fire or in front of the TV. Beautifully executed in needlepoint this wise old guy will definitely keep you feeling cozy and safe when things “go bump in the night”!

Meri Meri “Something Wicked” Garland

This delightful garland adds that classic Halloween touch to your porch, classroom or anyplace that needs a little “bewitching”! Toss those gory zombies, and “severed body-part” decorations, and keep the kid’s nightmares to a minimum with this charming decoration!

Kennebunk Weavers Camelot Throw in Mango

Nothing says comfort like a cozy, easy-care throw. This wonderful acrylic throw is a top seller for me, and the perfect companion on a frosty night in front of the TV! Offered in luscious mango!

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