Design Center Day

Last week’s visit to the Market Place in Philadelphia. All the latest in fabrics and furnishings for the “design-minded” folk!

Fabric display

Classic fabrics with a new spin! Always love this showroom!


Scalamandre’s latest take on their classic “Edwin’s Covey” fabric.Bunny William's lamp.

I’m really in love with these fantastic new lamps by Bunny Williams! Also available in blue!

Floral chair

A beautiful club chair decked out in Scalamandre finery!

Monkey sconce

If you’re going to “monkey around” this is the way to do it!

Blue fabric showroom

You just can’t go wrong with the blues…


This is the way to be “lit!” You won’t find these at Lowe’s.

Belted pillow

Great style ideas like these always hit “above the belt!”

Thanks for reading Jeff West’s J-List.

Please let me know which pictures you like in the comment section below.

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