“Feeling Corny.” How to Make Indian Corn Fabulous!

Indian corn…the classic autumn door décor.

Here’s a technique to make your corn really pop!

Indian corn before.

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The wimpy “standard issue” bunch available at all farmer’s markets.

Indian corn assembly.

Autumn is all about “abundance”, I always buy a dozen ears of corn and arrange in alternating colors for the prettiest effect.

Chaddsford Centerville 004

Then use a piece of heavy twine or wire and pull tight! (sometimes it helps to have a second pair of hands hold husk tightly while you pull the string and tie.)

Chaddsford Centerville 006

The finishing touch is a thick hank of raffia wrapped around the front and tied in the back to hide the string or wire. Voila! Happy Autumn!

Stay tuned for more design tips and styles on Jeff West’s J-List.

Thanks for reading!

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