In Praise of Painted Furniture.

New pics for october 2011 174The wonderful design on this chest is the perfect blend of classic and modern.

New pics for october 2011 183

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I found this pagoda lantern at Home Goods and had it painted and glazed in a soft white. A pair of them ended up at a friend’s beautiful home in Palm Beach!

Bamboo shell tableI found this old bamboo table at a junk shop. With a little help from my wonderful artist friend we transformed it into this terrific looking “shell and seaweed” design occasional table.

fish stool

This old pine footstool became the perfect “beach house boost-up” !

080I drew out this crab design and the artist took it from there to transform this ordinary little table into something no crabber would throw back!

acorn tableNot all painted pieces we do are “beachy”. This old plank-top twig table was the perfect candidate for this “oak-leaf” motif.


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